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Are you a writer or band member? A publisher of zines or manifests? A visual artist or comic book author? We wan’t your works to be a part of the collection of Copenhagen Public Libraries. In spite of their high quality many DIY/indie/underground publications are not available in the public libraries. They fly under the radar. To make up for that we encourage you to submit your creative works to Demoteket. We will then make them available for loan in the library.


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Here is a link to all Demoteket works in the library cataloque.
If you are a member of Copenhagen Public Libraries you can make
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You can also browse through all the amazing stuff on one of the three Demoteket Libraries:

Nørrebro Library Blågårdens Library
Bragesgade 8b Blågårdsplads 5
2200 København N 2200 København N
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